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We are committed to providing educational resources to financial professionals. These educational courses help provide financial advisors with the tools to better understand and assess Market-Linked Products that may be appropriate for their clients’ portfolios.


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Required Training for First Citizens Licensed Bankers

Please complete the following education courses before soliciting Market-Linked Product business.  First Citizens Series 6 LPAs will need an 80% pass rate on each of the following courses:

  • Market-Linked CD's
  • FDIC Insurance
  • Understanding Statement Values
  • Taxation for Market-Lined Products
  • GS Momentum Builder Multi-Asset 5S ER Index
  • Point-to-Point Growth Strategy

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Market-Linked Product Courses

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Market-Linked Products Education Center materials are subject to your firm element education policies and/or the education policies of the professional organization(s) of which you are a member. No regulatory body has approved the Market-Linked Products Education Center materials. If you have questions regarding credit, you should contact your firm’s compliance department or the professional organization(s) of which you are a member. Market-Linked Products Education Center materials are for educational purposes only and do not constitute an offer, solicitation or endorsement of any specific market-linked product.

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