Date: 12/2/2013
Source: Incapital
Author: Incapital

Incapital Launches New "Incapital LEOPARDS" Program for Individual Investors

Incapital LLC, a leading underwriter and distributor of fixed income, equity and other financial products, today announced the launch of “Incapital LEOPARDS™”.  The LEOPARDS™ program is designed to provide individual investors increased access to preferred stock and related debt securities. This new program will serve as a product extension of Incapital’s existing continuously offered notes program for senior unsecured debt.

“The LEOPARDS™ program is a significant step in our ongoing efforts to build a more favorable investment climate for individual investors,” said John Radtke, Chief Executive Officer of Incapital. “We are pleased to offer a new platform which will provide the retail investment community with enhanced access to preferred equity securities. Additionally, we expect our LEOPARDS™ program to offer distinct advantages for issuers in reaching a more diverse investor base.”

“Through our broad distribution network, Incapital will serve as a conduit between its dealer clients and their retail customers interested in preferred stock and related hybrid/debt securities,” said Chris O’Connor, Managing Director of Incapital.  “Our efficiency in bringing these products to the market will pave the way for issuers to think differently about how to reach retail investors.”

Incapital LEOPARDS™ security offerings are designed to typically have a one-week marketing period, similar to traditional retail notes, and have the flexibility to reopen multiple times to allow issuers to focus on the retail segment. Additionally, rather than the typical 30-day exchange listing period, Incapital LEOPARDS™ may have a 30- to 120-day listing period from the original settlement to accommodate the multiple reopening feature, subject to applicable NYSE listing requirements.

More information about Incapital and LEOPARDS (Long Execution of Preferred and Related Debt Securities) is available on

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For further information:
Issuers: 561.416.6108
Dealers: 877.878.9000

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