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John Oakes

Managing Director, MBS Trading

John Oakes has more than 30 years of taxable fixed income sales and trading experience. In his current role at Incapital, he manages Mortgage-Backed Securities Trading, facilitating the distribution of securities by working closely with the sales team and their clients while managing all order flow, risks, and inventory levels. 

Prior to joining Incapital, Mr. Oakes worked with Jefferies, where he started and managed a whole loan trading desk. Before that, he was the Trading Manager at ABN AMRO Mortgage Capital Markets. As a senior member of the ABN team, his responsibilities included facilitating distribution of loans and securities, as well as managing all pricing and inventory levels. 

During his 16+ years as a Senior Vice President at Wachovia Securities, Mr. Oakes managed the taxable fixed income desk, the mortgage trading desk and the taxable sales group, which he started. At Wachovia, he broadened his experience by trading all forms of mortgage-related products, investment-grade corporate bonds, asset-backed securities, commercial mortgage securities, agencies, Treasuries and options. He was directly responsible for and involved in the underwriting and distribution of multiple asset securitizations, including student loans, credit cards and autos, in addition to several agency issues. Mr. Oakes began his career at Wachovia in mortgages, where he gained a strong fundamental background in the business through his role in secondary marketing. 

Mr. Oakes earned an MBA in finance from Wake Forest University in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and a BS in finance from Indiana University.