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Diverse Offerings

Our dedicated trading desk for Market-Linked Products provides access to diverse, competitive Market-Linked CDs and Notes from major institutional issuers. We continuously innovate new and enhanced trade types for different market environments. As one of the largest third-party liquidity providers for secondary Market-Linked Products, we deliver access to attractively priced offerings in sizes and maturities that may not be available on the new issue market.


Authoritative Education

We deliver industry-leading educational resources to help financial advisors and investors better understand Market-Linked Product investments. Our goal is to clearly articulate the risks, benefits and portfolio application of our offerings. Our FINRA-reviewed brochures, videos and presentations makes it easy for advisors to educate their investors. Visit our Resource Center to see our extensive collection. 

Expert Team

We’re driven to provide superior, individualized service that reaches from financial advisors to trading desks to executive management. Our team comprised of wholesalers in the office and in the field along with origination, trading and product experts collaborates seamlessly to deliver:

  • Timely offerings and customized deals
  • Up-to-date information, research and market commentary
  • Product structuring and positioning insights
  • Solutions to common investor challenges

We’re proud to have been named U.S. Distributor of the Year seven times by Structured Products magazine and six times by mtn-i. 

What You Should Know Before Investing

Market-Linked Products are considered complex investment products. Such products contain unique features, risks, terms, conditions, fees, charges and expenses specific to each product. Make sure you understand the features and risks of any product before investing. Read more about Market-Linked Product risk considerations.


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