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A powerful tool for retirement planning

Incapital is committed to distributing annuities from highly-regarded insurance companies through the broker-dealer and financial advisor communities. By providing access to annuity solutions that respond to various investment situations and challenges, we help serve markets that may not be adequately covered by existing providers.

Commitment to Quality

An insurer’s financial strength and ability to meet its ongoing policy and contract obligations are essential when evaluating an annuity. Please visit our Annuity Providers page for information on some of our strategic annuity partners.

The Annuity Advantage

Whether you’re looking to grow retirement assets on a tax-deferred basis or a reliable income stream, we partner with leading insurance carriers to distribute annuities designed to fit a range of investor needs. Additional advantages of annuities include the potential for guaranteed retirement income, avoidance of probate and professional money management.

Supporting Your Business

Our success in distributing a wide range of investment options gives Incapital a unique position in helping advisors grow and expand their offerings. Through Incapnet®, our turn-key ordering and reporting system, advisors can apply for annuities eliminating the errors and inefficiencies associated with paper applications.

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While tax-deferral applies to all annuities, qualified money inside any type of annuity already enjoys tax-deferral.