Incapital served as the sole underwriter for several CD and Note issuance wrappers linked to the Goldman Sachs MoBu 5ER index based on cross-asset class investing as a way to diversify risk.

Top 15

Top 15 U.S. agency underwriter and distributor

Incapital is ranked #1 in number of new issue Agencies and #12 in volume underwritten, according to Bloomberg LEAG tables as of 12/31/2016.


2014 US Distributor - Structured Products Magazine

Incapital was presented the US Distributor of the Year award as it continues to successfully introduce and distribute new and innovative products - such as structured market-linked certificates of deposit - along with prominent issuer partners. Growing the advisor sales process and offering continuing educational resources have also been two key focuses.


2014 Editor's Award: Triple-A Retail Structured Note Initiative - mtn-i Magazine

Incapital was instrumental in the launch of the International Finance Corporation's 'Impact Notes' initiative, which came as government-sponsored enterprises Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac retrench away from structured notes. The prime supranational credit is looking to source funding from US retail buyers of lighter plays, particularly in the interest rate-linked asset class – a key area for GSEs.

mtn-i Awards

2014 Investor Solutions: Memory Coupon Placement - mtn-i Magazine

Another innovative aspect that Incapital introduced to the US market was  the 'memory feature': a device to ensure that holders never miss an expected quarterly payout. It rolls up past missed coupons and releases them when conditions are again met, as was the case on a 15-year final maturity note issued by Societe Generale linked to the Russell 2000 and EuroStoxx 50.


2014 Landmark Deal: USD100m Floored Floating-Rate Notes - mtn-i Magazine

With a market in need of issuer diversification, Incapital distributed the majority of SunTrust's landmark USD100m floored FRN. The deal ranked as the only one of its size not from a Wall Street house or leading international issuer.

mtn-i Awards

2014 Landmark Deal: USD120m Hybrid Note Series - mtn-i Magazine

Incapital brought much-needed innovation to the US structured note market, adding further return potential to CMS steepeners with equity index-based puts at maturity. Combining structuring prowess and wide distribution capability with Morgan Stanley, they delivered a string of hybrid notes last year that has continued into 2014.

Structured Products Americas Award 2013

2013 US Distributor - Structured Products Magazine

Incapital characterizes 2012 as the year in which it launched a ‘coordinated initiative’ to promote the education and distribution of non-principal-protected medium-term notes in the retail market.

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mtn-i 2012 Awards Americas

2012 US Distributor - mtn-i Magazine

Incapital was presented the Structured Product Distributor of the Year award at the 2012 mtn-i Awards Americas conference in Miami, Florida on April 19, 2012. mtn-i cited Incapital’s pioneering presence in the market across the diverse universe of structures from equity-linked notes to Callable Step-Up Notes. mtn-i magazine is a leading industry publication that covers the structured note and medium-term note market across the UK, Europe and the Americas

Structured Products 2012

2012 US Distributor - Structured Products Magazine

Incapital had a most powerful year. As other distributors nursed falling volumes and scratched their heads over the tweaks they could offer on certificates of deposit (CDs) and plain vanilla notes, Incapital innovated big time, won over trophy clients and cemented a reputation for being close to the heart of structured products education and aftersales.

2011 mtn-i Award

2011 US Distributor - mtn-i Magazine

Incapital was once again recognized for market leadership by mtn-i Magazine as recipient of the 2011 US Distributor of the Year Award. mtn-i cited Incapital’s pioneering presence in the market across the diverse universe of structures from equity-linked notes to Callable Step-Up Notes. The award was presented at the 2011 mtn-I Americas conference in Miami, Florida. mtn-i magazine is a leading industry publication that covers the structured note and MTN market across the UK, Europe and the Americas.

2011 SP Mag Award

2011 US Distributor

Last year marked a period of growth for Incapital as it brought new issuers on board,opened up structured products to new clients and expanded globally with the acquisition of a London-based structured products provider.

mtn-i 2010 Award

2010 Editors Award-Education & Marketing-mtn-i Magazine

Incapital's market leadership contribution to the Market-Linked Products market, including our educational resources and the support provided for financial professionals through the website was recognized with the prestigious "Editor's Award for E-ducation & Marketing". In fact, the editors praised as the premier source of educational material and resources for financial professionals in the structured products market.

SP 2009 Award

2009 US Distributor-Structured Products Magazine

In a game-changing year for the US structured products industry, Incapital's business might have been expected to suffer, with a product mix numbering 70% reverse convertibles and a rapidly contracting market. However, far from its business shrinking, Incapital sold US$1.5 billion of product in 2008 - a 50% increase on 2007 - as a result of its astute adaptation to the new and challenging environment.

SP 2008 Award

2008 U.S. Distributor – Structured Products Magazine

It has been a phenomenal 12 months for Incapital. After distributing more than US$1 billion of structured products in 2007, the US distributor acquired its closest rival, LaSalle, consolidating its position as the biggest player in the aggregated dealer space. However, it is not size alone that impresses. The distributor has also distinguished itself from its peers through a determined effort to educate advisors about the benefits of structured products - a crucial requirement for the development of a market that constantly needs to challenge the dominance of mutual funds.

mtn-i award

2008 U.S. Distributor – mtn-i Magazine

2008 will be remembered as the year in which structured product investors experienced the reality of credit risk. Incapital anticipated increasing sensitivity to credit among US retail investors by growing its range of FDIC-guaranteed structured CDs by both issuer and product type. Employing a mix of global banks less affected by sub-prime exposures, such as JPMorgan, HSBC and Barclays, as well as domestic commercial banks Harris and SunTrust, Incapital reversed the bias of its structured product platform. From 80% reverse convertibles in 2007, it had moved to 75% structured CDs by the end of Q3.

Institutional Investor

The Online Finance 40

Incapital has been recognized by Institutional Investor magazine  as an e-Finance top 40 firm five times in the last nine years.