Date: 6/9/2015
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Incapital and Nuveen Investments Expand Unit Trust Partnership

  • New Unit Trusts Leverage Expertise of Nuveen’s Multi-Affiliate Model
  • Enhanced by Incapital Additions to Unit Trust Business
  • Nuveen Expands Specialist Sales Support Team for Unit Trusts

CHICAGO, June 9, 2015 – Incapital LLC and Nuveen Investments, today announced the expansion of their joint-distribution and portfolio consultant unit trust partnership with the addition of new unit trusts and expanded sales resources at both firms to support the growth of the unit trust business and better serve the financial advisor community and their clients. Since the beginning of 2014, Nuveen and Incapital have partnered together on key aspects of unit trust product development, marketing, distribution and client relationship management. In this partnership, Incapital serves as trust underwriter and sponsor, providing units to the public through broker-dealers and other firms. Nuveen Investments, through its several affiliates, serves as portfolio consultant responsible for developing investment strategies and constructing model portfolios for the unit trusts.

Commenting on the partnership, John DesPrez, Incapital’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “Incapital’s relationship with Nuveen Investments continues to deepen. With the expansion of our joint-distribution agreement, we will be offering a wider range of investment strategies to thousands of additional financial advisors and their clients.”


Since inception of the partnership, Incapital has offered five equity unit trust strategies that draw upon the deep and specialized expertise of Nuveen Investments’ affiliates:

  • Nuveen Equity Outlook Portfolios
  • Nuveen Large Cap Dividend Portfolios
  • Nuveen Core Real Estate Securities Portfolios
  • Nuveen NWQ Global Dividend Value Portfolios
  • Nuveen Tradewinds Global Energy Revolution Portfolio

To further broaden its platform for clients, Incapital has been working closely with Nuveen this year to develop a robust pipeline of new unit trusts employing a variety of strategies and themes. Capitalizing on the recently closed Nuveen 2015 Equity Outlook Portfolio, Series 68, which more than doubled in assets from the prior year’s series, Incapital filed an initial registration statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the Nuveen 2015 Mid-Year Equity Outlook Portfolio, Series 86 This new unit trust’s portfolio selection is led by Bob Doll, Nuveen Asset Management’s Senior Portfolio Manager and Chief Equity Strategist, and seeks to include a mid-year update in which Bob Doll reassesses his investment outlook as expressed in his 2015 Ten Predictions.

Additionally, Incapital filed an initial registration statement with the SEC for the Nuveen Symphony Low Volatility Equity Portfolio, Series 88, which employs the investment expertise of Symphony Asset Management, an affiliate of Nuveen Investments. Recognized for their rigorous fundamental research and alternative investment/hedge fund expertise, Symphony applies a team-based approach to valuation and risk analysis, which seeks to identify and translate relative value into desired risk/reward portfolio outcomes.

Bill Adams, Nuveen Investments’ Senior Executive Vice President and Head of Global Structured Products added, “We are very pleased to expand our relationship with Incapital as we work to bring innovative investment options to investors. We believe unit trusts can expand the ability of investors and their advisors to access the specialized investment expertise of our affiliates across a broad range of asset classes to help them better achieve their financial objectives.”


Incapital has recently appointed Hugh McHaffie as Managing Director who will soon oversee the origination and distribution of a range of wealth management solutions, including Unit Trust, Market Linked and Annuity offerings. McHaffie is supported by a veteran Unit Trust origination team in Chicago, headed by John Browning, Managing Director and Randy Watts, Executive Director. Pat Dwyer, National Sales Manager, will soon lead Incapital’s nation-wide distribution network supporting financial advisors seeking wealth management investment solutions for their clients.

Given the performance of the current unit trust offerings, strong interest from the market, and robust pipeline of new offerings currently under consideration, Nuveen Investments is also enhancing its unit trust distribution efforts with the appointment of Melissa Roe as Managing Director, National Head of Unit Trust Sales. Overseeing a team of external and internal unit trust specialists, Roe will act as a liaison between Nuveen Investments and Incapital to represent the capabilities of Nuveen Investments’ affiliates and ensure that the needs of financial advisors and their investor clients are being served.

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Incapital was founded in 1999 and today is a leading underwriter and distributor of securities to more than 800 broker-dealers, institutions, asset managers, RIAs and banks. The firm represents more than 300 issuing entities and has a track record of over $400 billion in underwritten securities. Further information on Incapital is available at Further information on Incapital’s Unit Trust Portfolios, including securities selection, fees, secondary market and other risk considerations is available on

About Nuveen Investments

Nuveen Investments provides high-quality investment services designed to help secure the long-term goals of institutional and individual investors as well as the consultants and financial advisors who serve them. Nuveen Investments markets a wide range of specialized investment solutions which provide investors access to capabilities of its high-quality boutique investment affiliates—Nuveen Asset Management, LLC, Symphony Asset Management LLC, NWQ Investment Management Company, LLC, Santa Barbara Asset Management, LLC, Tradewinds Global Investors, LLC, Winslow Capital Management, LLC and Gresham Investment Management LLC, all of which are registered investment advisers and independent investment subsidiaries of Nuveen Investments, Inc. Nuveen Investments operates as a separate subsidiary within TIAA-CREF, which is a leading provider of retirement and financial services in the academic, research, medical and cultural fields. In total, Nuveen Investments managed approximately $233 billion as of March 31, 2015. For more information, please visit the Nuveen Investments website at

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