Date: 1/15/2015
Source: Incapital
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Incapital and Nuveen Asset Management Launch Equity Unit Trust Based on Bob Doll's Predictions for 2015

Nuveen 2015 Equity Outlook Portfolio Will Leverage Predictions from Nuveen Asset Management Senior Portfolio Manager and Chief Equity Strategist Bob Doll

Incapital LLC and Nuveen Asset Management today announced that they have brought to market the next series of an equity unit trust based on the 2015 predictions of well-known Nuveen portfolio manager and strategist Bob Doll. This is the second consecutive year these two investment firms have partnered to bring such a portfolio to market.

The Nuveen 2015 Equity Outlook Portfolio, deposited on January 14, is designed to offer:

  • The potential for capital appreciation for investors willing to accept associated equity market risks
  • A high-conviction portfolio from an experienced portfolio manager and widely followed market strategist
  • A portfolio approach seeking to limit uncompensated risk
  • Investment opportunities not fully reflected in today's stock market valuations


Bob Doll, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager and Chief Equity Strategist for Nuveen Asset Management , is a highly respected authority on the equity markets and regularly provides timely market perspectives to investors, advisors and the media.

The Nuveen 2015 Equity Outlook Portfolio is designed to capitalize on the economic and market environment described by Bob Doll’s 2015 Ten Predictions, released on January 7. Incapital serves as the Trust’s sponsor while Nuveen Asset Management serves as the Trust’s portfolio consultant.

“We are pleased to partner again with Nuveen Asset Management to offer an equity trust product designed specifically for the upcoming market environment,” said Phil Johnson, President of Incapital. “This partnership reflects our commitment to deliver diversified investment options to help investors meet their goals.”

“Bob Doll’s portfolio investment expertise, market insights and Ten Predictions are highly respected and sought after in the investment community,” said William T. Huffman, President of Nuveen Asset Management. “The Nuveen 2015 Equity Outlook Portfolio addresses the needs of investors seeking an equity trust option from an experienced portfolio manager and strategist, as well as two firms with a proven track record of innovative product development.”  

The partnership between Incapital and Nuveen Asset Management and its affiliates, which kicked off at the end of 2013, has already resulted in the formation of four new unit trust strategies.

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