Date: 4/16/2012
Source: Incapital
Author: Incapital

Incapital Unveils New Unit Trust Offering Designed in Collaboration with Morningstar Investment Services

Incapital LLC has enlisted Morningstar Investment Services, Inc., a registered investment advisor and wholly owned subsidiary of Morningstar, Inc., to help create an innovative Unit Trust offering.

The Incapital Morningstar Wide Moat Portfolio is rooted in Morningstar’s equity research philosophy, which holds that a company’s durable competitive advantages, or “economic moat,” are key drivers of long-term returns.

Morningstar Investment Services has selected 33 stocks that have a Morningstar RatingTM of four or five stars and are considered to be undervalued in relation to Morningstar equity analysts’ fair value estimates.

In the near future, Incapital will announce relationships with additional leading investment firms for Incapital Unit Trusts. Incapital Unit Trusts generally remain fixed and require a low minimum purchase of $1,000. The professionally selected basket of securities may allow investors to diversify market risk without the large capital commitment, time and expertise it may require to achieve this type of diversification on their own.

Incapital Unit Trusts have a predetermined investment life which provides for regular opportunities to review and evaluate an investor’s current investment needs. Additionally, the daily redemption feature provides flexibility to meet an investor’s individual situation.

More information about the Incapital Morningstar Wide Moat Portfolio and Incapital Unit Trusts is available at Unit Trusts - Overview.

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