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Making Markets. Creating Opportunities.

Incapital participates in new issue offerings and makes secondary markets in taxable and tax-exempt municipal bonds, providing bids and offerings in a range a municipal securities for broker-dealers, RIAs, muni bond ECNs and institutional investors.

Access a Diverse Pipeline of Income Streams

Municipal bonds are securities issued by states, counties, cities and other governmental entities for the purpose of financing operations, improving facilities or to raise funding for new projects. Investors who purchase municipal bonds are lending money to a state or local government entity, which in turn promises to pay the investor a specified amount of interest (usually paid semiannually) and return the principal on a specific maturity date. Return of principal and payment of dividends are subject to the claims paying ability of the issuer.

Strategic Partnerships

We work with strategic partners to offer new issue municipal bonds to an extensive network of broker-dealers and financial advisors. As a market-leading distributor of fixed income securities, financial advisors at banks, RIAs and broker-dealers gain access to a broad range of new issue municipal securities.

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For additional factors in making an investment decision for specific municipal securities, including but not limited to interest rate and duration risks, please read the Risk Considerations.